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1 million+ users.  2,800+ charities and social enterprises, of all sizes.

Implement and grow with Cloud Doing Good's finance-led approach, with certified systems accountants and integrators.

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Cloud accounting software accelerating 2,800+ charities, social enterprises and sustainable growth focussed organisations today!

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How does Cloud Doing Good and NetSuite cloud accounting software help charities and social enterprises of all sizes sustainably grow?

This video shows how using an efficient, cost-effective cloud accounting software can support the delivery of your growth plans.

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What our customers say:

Why is NetSuite Perfect Cloud Accounting Software for a Charity or Social Enterprise?


Powerful Cloud Accounting Software: NetSuite includes financial modules that help charities manage their finances, including fund accounting, expense tracking, budgeting, and financial reporting.  All in a pre-built cloud database already being used by 2,800+ non profits and 1 million+ users.

Grant Management: NetSuite is configured to handle charity grant tracking, ensuring compliance with charity grant requirements and simplifying reporting to funders.

Multi-subsidiary, multi country.  Your trading entity and charity entity in a single, fully managed cloud finance software database.  Real time consolidation and as many subsidiaries as you need in a single data source. 

Charity Finance Reporting: NetSuite provides customizable reporting features that can be tailored to showcase a nonprofit's charity finance performance and transparency to stakeholders. This includes pre-configured reporting and dashboards, from SORP reporting to crucial Actual to Budget reporting for Budget Holders.

Cloud-Based: Being a cloud-based system, NetSuite allows for remote access, scalability, and automatic updates. Customisation carry forward is always included on every new release.

Integration: NetSuite integrates with other tools and systems that a charity might use, streamlining operations and data sharing and embedded powerbi for seamless data visualisation.

Customization: Charities, social enterprises and organisations looking for sustainable growth often have unique requirements around the same core needs. NetSuite's powerful configuration and customisation engine, developed over 25 years and used by 38,000+ organisations, allows for both a cost effective core and tailoring the software to match the specific needs of an organisation.

Charity Donor Management: The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) capabilities of NetSuite can be used to manage donor information, track charity donations, and develop donor engagement strategies.

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